Denise A. Warner is a strong supporter of not-for-profit organizations such as the PanCyprian Association of Florida, The Wounded Warrior Project, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and the Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate CARES program, in addition to being a founding board member of the Kathleen Monahan Foundation Fund. Denise and her husband Todd enjoy the many arts opportunities in the area including the shows and concerts at the Tarpon Springs Performing Arts Center.

Denise is dedicated to the Foundation Fund’s mission to provide an avenue for talent to be discovered and to supplement the current community efforts to fund much needed projects or equipment when current budgets do not suffice. She and the board are working toward an immediate goal of adding a grand piano to the stage at the Performing Arts Center. She hopes that the community will join them in their efforts by hosting fundraisers and attending the many arts and cultural events that Tarpon Springs offers. She knows personally how the arts enriches lives: “I continue to see a number of family friends and relatives discover their artistic talents through painting, singing and book writing since they’ve retired and were no longer immersed in the necessity of career success. It is wonderful to see that they have been able to nurture their creative side and continue to expand their horizons rather than stagnate!”

She believes that Tarpon Springs is a wonderful, unique place that has much to offer the residents. An abundance of cultural diversity and many people concerned about its continued growth. “I enjoy mentoring and enabling people to reach their highest potentials. Being on the Board of the Kathleen Monahan Foundation Fund allows me to do this for many people, from youth to Senior Citizens, along with my wonderful co-Board Members.”